Friday, May 14, 2010

Surviving the heat without ditching your exercise routine this summer...

If you have access to an air-conditioned gym, or have equipment in your home, you are set this summer! If not, you may need to be a little bit more creative to beat the heat. One way to stay in-doors and get some exercise is to visit your local mall, or other large building that you have access to, and walk there. If all else fails, here is a list of tips for surviving your exercise outside this summer.

1. Exercise in a pool.

2. Take advantage of the cool air in the mornings by exercising before work or school.

3. Always be sure to hydrate. If you will be out for a while, find places to hide water bottles so that you can grab them on your way. Personally, I prefer to wear one of those running belts that you can store several small water bottles in. These can be purchased at running stores and some athletic stores.

4. Know that it takes about 1 week of daily exposure to heat before your body adapts. This doesn’t mean you won’t mind the heat, but you’ll cope with it better. Losing this adaptation takes a very short time, so you have to continue exercising in the heat often in order to maintain your adaptations.

5. Be smart and follow heat advisories. Do not go out in the middle of the afternoon for a nice little run when it is 100 degrees. Listen to your weatherman (and your body!) and either go out during the coolest part of the day, or find an in-door place for walking or running.

6. Wear appropriate clothing for the weather and your sport. Do not overdress!

7. Use sunscreen. Just because you’re not laying by the pool doesn’t mean you can’t get a burn. Be good to your skin!

Have a great and fit summer!


  1. I still prefer to exercise outside versus in. Early morning runs work best for me, which both beat the summer heat and help me keep a routine. Agree that the running belts are quite nice.

  2. I may have to invest in one of those belts this summer.