Monday, July 19, 2010

Fighting Boredom for Runners/Walkers

My first tip is to cross-train! However, if you don’t have a bike, access to a gym, or access to a pool, it can be difficult to find a lot of different ways to exercise. Here are some ideas for fighting boredom on your runs; and this can also be applied to walkers!

Switch up the type of run you are doing on a regular basis. Some days do a tempo run, and others do interval training. Of course you’ll also want to have days where you just run leisurely.

Download some new running music to listen to. If you need ideas, ask your friends what they’re listening to or look in fitness magazines for ideas. Shape magazine often has music ideas for different types of workouts.

Find a new place to run. Check online for hot running spots or call your local running store for suggestions.

Run your route backwards. No, face the right way, but just start at your normal end and end at your normal start!

Get a running buddy! This can be difficult because you want to find someone who is at your level or higher and who has a similar schedule as you. If you find someone, don’t let him or her go because this can be a great motivator.

Join a running club or meet up with local runners who go on group runs. Even a lot of smaller cities have these. Check online or with your local running store for suggestions.

Consider taking a little bit of time off if you think you may be over training. Sometimes we all need a little break and reviving. This doesn’t mean to sit on the couch for six weeks! However, taking a few days off to relax and recuperate may make you appreciate running when you get back to it.

Any other tips or ideas? I’d love to hear them!

Motivational Monday:

I run/walk because it gives me time to myself!


  1. These are all great suggestions! I like the biking idea. I may have to dig mine out soon. We are constantly searching online for running music suggestions. It's amazing what a few new songs will do for motivation. We also suggest running as early in the day as possible to beat the heat!

  2. Some new music every once in a while helps..also a walking partner. That's what I need to keep getting out there.