Thursday, December 13, 2012

Don't Forget To Give Back To Yourself

When you are thinking about which charity to donate your time to this holiday season, consider adding yourself to the list. I agree that giving your time to help others is noble and important, which is why you MUST take care of yourself. You've heard something like this before, but have you taken it seriously? If you don't take care of yourself, you will likely have much less time to give to others. Not only may your life be cut short, but as you get older and continue to eat more and move less, you'll have much less energy for the items that are currently at the top of your priority list. So what is at the top of your list? Do you volunteer at your church, work hard taking care of your children, love visiting your grandchildren, work endless hours taking care of patients in a healthcare facility, volunteer with your favorite charity, etc? If exercise and eating healthy isn't right up there with those items, then you may find yourself falling short on what is most important to you in the near future. So give back to yourself so you can give back to others. This holiday season add exercise to your daily schedule. Do not wait for New Years because New Year's resolutions rarely ever last. When you want to make a change, you just do it. Real change happens any time of the year! Make a commitment to be there for your children, grandchildren, spouse, friends, and anyone else who counts on you. Make that commitment by taking care of yourself!

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  1. No truer words ever spoken. That's why I will start my 27 week weight loss program at the gym on Monday. Eight days before Christmas. It was very tempting to put it off until 1/2/13.