Monday, September 13, 2010

Classroom Treats

This fall, the children are back in school. I don’t have a school-aged child yet; however, I know that children are often treated for every birthday, holiday, etc with sugary treats. I am certainly not against the occasional treat, but I do have a problem with kids getting a sugary treat to celebrate every single special occasion. It seems that there is always something to celebrate; and in America, we tend to celebrate with food. So, I wanted to get everyone thinking about fun and healthy treats for school children on these occasions. You may be in charge of providing one this year or may have some influence on what the children are snacking on in the classroom. Let’s make at least some of them a little on the healthier side! Here’s to teaching our children that good food doesn’t have to be pure sugar!

Here are a few ideas I thought of. They are mainly just foods that tend to be accepted by children, but are on the sweeter side. Please respond with your ideas or some good ideas that you have seen!

1. Apple bran muffins and flavored milk.
2. 1 oatmeal cookie and apple slices.
3. Cooked apples with cinnamon and oatmeal on top.
4. Ants on a log: top celery with peanut butter (if allowed in your classroom) and place raisins on top of the peanut butter.
5. Apple slices with cheese.
6. Banana bread.

Motivational Monday:

I want my children to eat healthy now so that they don’t have to struggle with their weight as adults.


  1. Big Brother's kindergarten class has a daily snack, that 1 child is assigned to bring, which poses a real nutritional challenge.

  2. That really does pose a challenge. It would be one thing if it were occasional, but every day is something different. If 50% of the children bring in unhealthy snacks, that means that all of those children will eat something unhealthy 50% of the time. Are there any guidelines for snacks, or is it "anything goes"?

  3. This won't work for school, but is a good snack or lunch at home. Happle Bagel: Top half of a bagel with slice of cheese, put apple slices on top of that...sprinkle with cinnamon and put under the broiler until cheese melts.

  4. Here are some other ideas for kids treats. I like the fruit kabob idea...of course I guess toothpicks could be a problem at school.

  5. Yes, the snacks definitely raise an issue with school. It is made even more difficult by the fact that the snack MUST NOT be homemade.