Monday, September 27, 2010

School Lunch

In the recent years, many professionals, parents, and teachers have started voicing concern about school lunches. I have to say that I am definitely one of the people concerned. Many schools offer pizza, french fries, and chicken nuggets as a daily staple. What is wrong with this picture? There is an exception to every rule, but most children will choose this type of food over the salad bar if they are given a choice. If children go to school to learn, then why aren't we not only teaching them healthy eating, but showing them how to do it? Lunches should be given to children to help nuture their bodies and teach them proper nutrition. We cannot control what children are eating at home, but from a public health standpoint, we should be sure that they are getting healthy meals at school.

Whether or not this issue has bothered you in the past or present, you shouldn't feel helpless. Speak up! Let your voice be heard at your child's school, by the school board, or anyone who will listen. People often think they can't make an impact, but that is just not the case. I have brought up banning smoking in a couple of areas that I frequent, and so far, that has brought on changes. I'm just one person and it didn't take much more than attending a meeting to make these changes. I know that changing school lunches may not be quite as easy, but small changes lead to big results. We have to start somewhere!

Parents magazine recently published an article on this topic and recommended three websites:

The Lunch Box

Food Politics

CSPI School Foods Tool Kit

I'd love to hear your feedback! Please share any thoughts you have or if you are doing anything in your school system to help with change.

Motivational Monday:

I want our children to eat healthy meals because it means that they'll be more focused, do better in school, and live healthier lives.


  1. My dad is a high school teacher, and it's amazing how frequently Papa John's is on the menu. It's equally as frightening to see fast food restaurants in hospitals. Talk about double "What is wrong with this picture?"

  2. Amen to that. When we don't teach them while they are young, we end up teaching them after the quadruple bypass. We need to start young to prevent coronary artery disease!!