Friday, June 11, 2010

Tips for Staying on Track During Your Summer Vacation

You may have a nice little vacation planned for this summer, but how will you be sure to come back from your vacation the same size you left? Here are a few tips for enjoying your time, but not blowing your hard work!

Indulge, but not for every meal. Bring along plenty of fruits and vegetables, if possible, for easy snacks. Savor the flavors of all of the delicious summer produce. If you feel like splurging at dinnertime, don’t be afraid. However, know your limits and plan on not cleaning your plate. Focus on savoring each bite, not on scarfing down every crumb.

Be cautious about alcohol. Drinking a lot of alcoholic beverages on each day of your trip will surely add a lot of calories. Pace yourself, drink water between alcoholic drinks, and choose low calorie drinks.

Do something active that is also fun! Think about walks on the beach, beach volleyball, jumping the waves, chasing your children, etc. The more you are on your feet, the more calories you will burn, but make it fun!

If it’s not worth the calories, skip it. Have you ever eaten a piece of cake that really wasn’t that great? I know I have. Then, I wondered, why did I eat that? If you are the average person on a vacation, you’ll surely take in more calories than typical. So, if you encounter food at a restaurant, party, or other event that isn’t that great, don’t eat it! Find something that does taste good and put those taste buds to good use!

Know your plan for getting back on course when you return home. It is okay to splurge a little here and there, within reason. The best way to make sure a vacation doesn’t totally derail you is to have a plan for eating better and exercising when you return. Stick to it! You’ll be glad you did!

Happy vacationing!

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