Monday, May 21, 2012

The Little Things Count

Many times I hear people say they want to lose weight, get healthy, lower their cholesterol, and fit into their clothes. For some reason, it seems like people often forget that each and every decision they make about food and activity contributes to their success or failure. When we're baking in the kitchen, those licks of the spoon and cookie crumbs don't count. We keep making excuses instead of following through on that daily exercise. We focus on the prize, but fail to make the little decisions that will make the prize a reality.

Recently I was inspired by someone who really put it beautifully. He was so caught up in the end result he was looking for that he realized he wasn't focusing on how to get there. When faced with candy or fruit, he thought to himself about how it was his decision right then and there that helped him to get a little bit closer to his goal. He explained that he realized that each and every choice that he makes impacts his success.

I'm sure to many people think this seems like common sense, and it is! Even though it is common sense, many people continue to rationalize little decisions that pile up and make a huge impact on their success or failure. Consider stepping away from the lofty goal and taking a closer look at the present moment. What can you do now to start moving in the right direction. Think about how will you make good decisions tomorrow rather than how you will fit into your favorite pants next year.

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  1. So so true! I need to remind myself of that every day.